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  Gown & Evening Dresses Rental & Design
Every groom and bride has their own style and characteristic, a tailor-made groom suit, wedding dress or evening gown is able to bring out their uniqueness and easy to becoming the focus of the night. Since the establishment in 1966, GP began to design her own wedding dresses; blessing the newlyweds with every-one-needle-and-thread. Its sub-brands included adorable GP A La Mode and the elegant GP Classic.

GP’s wedding dresses are famous in their detail work, quality of the cloth and the design. GP also has her own factory for manufacturing the wedding dresses, they not only are provided for local use; but also are exported to the United States, Europe and Japan. GP’s factory also is the manufacturer of many world-famous brands, such as: Marie Claire of France; Mario Valentino and Leggebda Spose of Italy; and Scassi of Unitied States. GP has also obtained the Outstanding Marketing Award from Hong Kong in 1997.

GP has thousands of wedding fashion and various styles of wedding dresses. Besides, GP also provide the brides with choices of traditional wedding dresses and Qi Pao.
Full Set of Wedding Gown
Full set of Selected Gown
Full Set of Wedding Gown
4 set of Selected Gown
Full Set of Wedding Gown
7 set of Selected Gown
Full set of Wedding gown
12 set of Selected Gown
  Gown list:
  - Evening Gown
  - Bridesmaids Dress
  - Chinese Wedding Gown
  - Groom Suit
  - Parents of Bride& Groom Gown


  1. Rental period: three-day and two-night(48 hours).
  2. Only beaded or embroidered Chinese wedding gowns are available.
  3. Shirt, girdle,gloves,headpieces, accessories, bouquet and shoes are not included.
    (Please contact our staff for the purchase of the above items)
  4. Deposit of $2,000 per outfit should be paid upon collecting the outfits.
  5. Additional $500 per outfit will be charged for changing outfit after confirmation.
  6. Bridal veils, petticoat, evening dress shawl, bow tie and waist belt are all included in the package.
  7. If choosing designer’s collection, extra $2,000 will be charged for each gown.
P.S. The price and the content may subject to change without any notice.
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