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Happy Wedding Tips
  Happy Wedding Tips
Order Extra
Order extra invitations, envelopes and more. It may add a little bit of cost at the beginning of your planning, but it's better to have a handful too many than need to put in another minimum order later.
Save Wedding Cake
Your first anniversary is a great time to celebrate with a piece of saved wedding cake. You should wrap it in a layer of plastic wrap and then aluminum foil. It's good to store it in the back of the freezer too - this protects it longer.
Do Your Own Makeup
If you are doing your own makeup, it's a good idea to make sure your make up bag is kept stored at room temperature and not left in a car where the make up can melt.
Never Have Bachelor or Bachelorette parties
Never Have Bachelor or Bachelorette parties the night before the wedding, in fact, plan those events two or three days BEFORE the wedding so that you both get a good night's sleep before the big day.
Seating Charts
When you are planning your seating arrangements, put your older guests away from the speakers - they'll appreciate it.
Groomsmen and Groom
Advise them to be sure they have all had fittings and tried out their tuxes and suits before hand - better to know they have all their supplies and gear that fits and is fitted before the big day and a rude surprise.
Song Requests
When you make up your requested song list for the DJ at your wedding reception - include a list of songs you would prefer were not played for whatever reason.
Stain Ban
Prior to the service, be sure to eliminate any stainable products for drinking or eating or in any vicinity to where you and your dress will be.
Wedding Credit Card
Consider consolidating your wedding expenses by dedicating one credit card to handling them that way you can keep track of your spending easily.
Single Wedding Venues
Be sure to book your wedding and reception in a venue that is only playing host to you and not to other weddings at the same time - this will save you on money, time and lost or misplaced gifts.
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